This Beautiful Austrian 

1960's J.C. Higgings

Will be Fully restore and painted... Come Back and check out how it gets Transform.

We Restore all Types of Bikes... Here we have a couple of Projects we are currently Working On 




                        ​​Super Mondia History

The Mondia bicycle frames from the 1970s are said to rival modern frames in terms of weight and engineering. The typical service weight, with premium quality components, was under 23 pounds. Mondia frames from 1960's - 1980's were known for their "wild" multi-color paint jobs. Mondia bicycles were easily recognized by a distinctive fade paint scheme which gradually blended color onto the chrome ends of the front fork and stays. The head badge had "Super Mondia" stamped over a stylized sunburst array. A historic Mondia bicycle was restored here at Hector's Bike Shop (shown in the images above), and the job was done incredibly by Hector himself. He pays close attention to every detail making sure that every bike has the proper parts and he makes sure that every customer is satisfied with the work he has done on their bicycle(s). He continues to build modern and classic bicycles, whether in great or poor condition, because of the passion and legacy he carries from winning a championship in his home country. When a customer came in, he brought a bike by itself, Hector immediately got to work and when the customer came back to pick up his bike, he cried because he didn't know that the bike his dad once owned, would be restored as new.



This Austrian

1970's Styer

This Bike Will be Fully Restore But it Wont be Painted, as the Customer wants to keep the original paint

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